I Got Two Bowls (one for the Sativa and the Indica)


This week I dusted off my Lululemon’s and set out to break a sweat for the first time since the end of bikini season. The mission: try out a ganja yoga class with help from my friend, yoga instructor & cannabis activist, Antuanette Gomez. She’s taken up residence in a beautiful yoga studio space, inside headshop Conscious Consumption (714 Bloor St W). Walking into the studio was instantly relaxing; I felt the warm rays of light in the room like a hug while the draped, dreamy fabrics hanging off the ceiling took me to another place—a calmer, more peaceful, stoner haven.


Antuanette was actually trained at the studio itself, as they provide yoga instructor certification on site! She’s since taken up a regular instructing spot at Conscious Consumption every Tuesday from 4-5:30pm, incorporating her other passion: medical marijuana. It’s not news that meditation and herb go hand in hand, but the way my girl organized the class was beautiful. Recently, she’s begun to incorporate tantra into her ganja yoga classes, and even makes her own medicinal cannabis lubricant, under her brand name Pleasure Peaks.


First, we start off with two ornate brass bowls at the front of the class. I am instructed to donate bud for the pre- and mid-yoga smoke session. The bowl to the left is for Sativa strains, while the one on the right is Indica. Antuanette put on some gorgeous instrumentals and loaded up the giant volcano. We sat in the ambient lighting among all the other worldly trinkets scattered across the studio and watched as the clear bag became hazy with vaporized ganja. First, she said, we would smoke the sativa for lightness during yoga.


I told her to take it easy on me as I’ve done yoga about a dozen times before, but not recently and never that well… I was pleased to experience a beginner friendly, non-intimidating (but still challenging) instructor. After about forty minutes of yoga practice, we took another trip through the volcano but this time with an Indica, to create a deeper sensation of weight during the final part of class, savasana.


All in all, the experience was lovely. I mean, we all know everything is better with a bit of bud, but it was incredible to experience yoga while smoking. I fell into my body and was drawn further and deeper into my stretches. I was serene and extremely happy from the release of endorphins and intake of that good good broccoli. Being a novice, it was such a delight to know that mats, blankets and blocs for practice were all provided at no cost by the studio. On top of that, Antuanette’s class in particular is pay what you can, and although she suggests ~$20, she also accepts fresh produce in exchange for her services!


Drop into Ganja Yoga Tuesday’s of every week at Conscious Consumption (714 Bloor St. W), with canna-cutie Antuanette Gomez.

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