DREW A BLANK Ep 2 | The Love Episode


If you didn’t already know, the Omit Limitation – Blank Canvas collective has started a new podcast that showcases the group’s thoughts on what is going on in pop culture today, and in the city.

With the first podcast Drew A Blank (Episode 1) being based on introducing the podcast with topics on what’s going on in the city, the cold weather, homelessness, the H&M campaign that caused controversy, Blank Panther, hot artists in the city plus more – it’s an interesting podcast. Full of serious topics that need to be spoken about within the city, humor and laughs are thrown in to lighten up the collective’s thoughts that will leave you listening until the end.

Now, The Love Episode (Episode 2) has been recently released just in time for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday 14th – giving you those love vibes. The collective speaks of things such as love and intimacy, to ridiculousness such as sex doll robots, and much more. Of course, to top it off, with a special DJ mix from Abscvnd himself – issa vibe.


Stream DREW A BLANK Ep 2 | The Love Episode below on Soundcloud. 


Stay tuned with the podcast and follow us on Soundcloud at DREW A BLANK for Episode 3. 



Words by: Daniela (@lunadiosa69)

Daniela Campos is a contributor for Omit Limitation currently living in Toronto.

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